Treasure Hill – “GENIUS.”

Treasure Hill builds high-quality new homes with only the best materials and superior craftsmanship. With their new commitment to ensure all builds include cutting-edge technology (features like Amazon® Echo Show™, Rogers® Smart Home Monitoring, worry-free Wi-Fi, remote garage door opening to name a few), the GENIUS brand was formed and a story was waiting to be told.

In partnership with 52 Pick-up and PlayFight, Sawmill was tasked with handling the principal photography and production of the Treasure Hill project. Directed towards young families who spend countless hours daydreaming about the perfect home, the director and writer, Will Chang, wanted to let them know it’s not so far away. When we got an early look at the script, we knew there were going to be many different scenes with different looks to signify time passing and everything to do with the home had to have a dream-like feel to it. Along with one main brand film, we shot a number of other films to support and diversify the project. Here is just one of those shorter films below.

We are so grateful to have been a part of this project. The production team we had were the best of the best, and both the director and producers and everyone at Playfight and 52 Pick-up were amazing to work with, allowing us to make some of our favourite pieces to date. Collaborative projects like this allow us to push our creativity and production capacity to the max and bring an immersive experience to a wide audience.

Project Details


Treasure Hill

Creative Agency

52 Pick-up

Production Company



Brian Huynh (Playfight)


Will Chang (Playfight)

Director of Photography

Jacob Barkey

Line Producers

Matthew Kariatsumari (Playfight), Ryan Freer (Playfight)

Production Manager

Nathan Riley

1st AD

Ambrose Wong

Steadicam Operator

Vikas Vasudevan

1st AC

Ash Tailor


Kyle McDougall


Stephen DiNallo

Location Sound

Reid Goobie


Sid Sawant, Amanda Pileggi

Hair and Makeup

Ray Allison


Playfight VFX


Playfight VFX


Eggplant Picture and Sound


Eggplant Picture and Sound



Meg Oxenholm, John Marcucci, Medi Karmally,  Sloan Sharpe


Special Thanks to:

Treasure Hill, Leslie Sharpe and Jeff Chan