Farmers Market – “Adventure in Style”

Farmers Market is one of Iceland’s leading clothing labels. Inspired by exploration, adventure and story, their designs are a tasteful intersection of heritage and modernity. Combining local materials and traditional patterns in new ways this brand is making a name for itself on and off the island. 

Our team developed the concept of a short film for Farmers Market, and – out of that – we created these four 30 second cutdowns. In our five days spent travelling through Iceland’s countryside, we found the landscapes that would speak to the Farmers Market brand and spent time with our talent creating these scenes. Post-production was fun on these short commercials because we were able to push the image really far in the colour grade to build a dramatic look that came across with hints of nostalgia.

Project Details


Farmers Market

Production Agency


Executive Producers

Jóel Pálsson


Nathan Riley


Ash Tailor, Jacob Barkey, Nathan Riley

Co-Directors of Photography

Ash Tailor, Jacob Barkey


Jóel Pálsson


Kyle Preston, Evolv, Sean Williams, Blindly



Einar Andri, Úrsúla Ósk Lindudóttir