Tamarack North – “Experiences”

Tamarack North is a builder of the finest custom homes in the Muskoka and Georgian Bay areas. Inspired by the land, water, wind and sky that surrounds them, nothing makes this team happier than bringing people home to this stunning natural landscape. 

When we first met with Tamarack, it was clear that the world was our oyster. We quickly came up with a solid structure and set our gaze upon a docu-commercial piece. The focus of this project was twofold: showcase the incredible design and craftsmanship that goes into a Tamarack build, and immerse audiences in the experience that comes with it.

We handled everything from pre-production to casting, coordinating travel and properties with the production schedule and all post-production. This was our first project handled all in-house, and the fact that clients still reference it in our initial meetings five years later is proof that solid plan, executed well is the best recipe for success.

Project Details


Tamarack North Ltd.

Production Agency


Executive Producer

Chris Madden


Jacob Barkey


Kyle McDougall

Additional Photography

Jacob Barkey


Wesley Jensen