Rosseau Lake College – “A Place That Feels Like Me”

Rosseau Lake College is a co-ed boarding and day school for students grade 7 to 12. Located on beautiful Lake Rosseau in Muskoka, this stunning campus is dedicated to giving their students the best in academics, environmental immersion and community building.

To say that RLC offers a truly different school experience to their students is akin to saying that black is different than white or relating apples to oranges. When Collective Noun was tasked with rebranding the school with a more authentic, contemporary feel, they decided they really wanted to start promoting the key differentiators. Collective Noun decided to partner with us to create a video-heavy content campaign to fill the new site as well as their advertising requirements.

We built this video from the ground up with Collective Noun, handling everything from creative to post-production. We had been waiting for something like this to come along, and when it did we knew the direction we were going in. Using lots of movement, we constructed a piece that brings the viewer onto the campus. Audiences can feel the excitement from the students and can see all of the opportunity a student at RLC gets.

Project Details


Rosseau Lake College

Creative Agency

Collective Noun

Production Company



Nathan Riley


Kyle McDougall, Jacob Barkey

Director of Photography

Jacob Barkey

Production Coordinator

Susie Morphet

1st AC

Ash Tailor


Brad Brown

Sound Supervisor

Joseph Santoyo

Sound Design

Zak DeVries


Blake Ewing



Willow Benatar, Andrew Bee