FER-PAL Infrastructure – “Across America”

Since their establishment 1986, FER-PAL Infrastructure has been guided by one objective, ensuring communities and businesses have access to clean drinking water. Through an innovative water-main rehabilitation technology, this ambitious team has significantly reduced the time and resources required to renew municipal systems. Because of that, their service is in high demand and crews are travelling from community to community across the continent.

When we sat down with FER-PAL to talk about this project, it was clear we were going to have to be light on our feet. We stripped down our crew and equipment to the bare essentials, and we followed this group out to Kentucky to see them work their magic and get a glimpse of their life on the road.

Project Details


FER-PAL Infrastructure

Production Agency


Executive Producer

Shaun McKaigue


Nathan Riley


Jacob Barkey

Production Coordinator

Geoff Britnell

1st AC

Stephen DiNallo